Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Newly nominated as President, I wish to thank the members who gave me this opportunity to expand the Italian Club “Sons of Italy, Galileo Lodge” in the Okanagan.

Nonostante i dialetti e diversita’ nella lingua italiana, vorrei  incoraggiare i nostri soci a continuare a promuovere, sia il nostro linguaggio che il nostro bellissimo paese. Con la partecipazione e volontariato possiamo coinvolgere i giovani della prossima generazione.

The diversity of dialects in the language can be a challenge but it is interesting to know our ancestry and I encourage you to pass it on. With the participation and volunteering of our members we can promote the Italian culture to the next generation.

Four years young “Cento Anni Forte” with a rapid growth in membership, working together with our board my aim is to recognize the needs and support our membership and expand our horizons.

I wish to thank our outgoing President Onofrio Curatolo whose leadership on the board for the past two years as President and prior has helped grow SOI to new heights. Thank you also to departing board members, Felicia Mauro for her tenure on the SOI board as secretary. Grazie a Milena Cunial, Amanda Cortina, Pamela Panza and Barbara Dieno per il l’oro lavoro da Trustees.

I would like to welcome our newest Board Members V. President Gionvanni Stockmans, Orator Robert McAllister, Trustees, Karolyn Stockmans, Teresa Pannucci and Jill Evans.

I look forward to continuing our SOI mission of developing and expanding our culture and family traditions.

Faro’ del mio meglio a mantenere il motto della nostra associazione:

I will do my best to follow our motto : Liberta– Parita’Fratellanza’


Renata Simonelli